Nicholas Jenkins

Graduate Student

University of California, Riverside


I am currently a graduate student in the Political Science Department at the University of California, Riverside. Prior to attending UC Riverside, I completed a Master’s Degree in Economics at California State University, Long Beach.

My primary research interests are in Congress, interest groups and lobbying, and representation.


  • Congress
  • Interest Groups and Lobbying
  • Representation
  • Bayesian Methods


  • PhD in Political Science, In Progress

    University of California, Riverside

  • MA in Political Science, 2020

    University of California, Riverside

  • MA in Economics, 2017

    California State University, Long Beach

  • BA in Business Administration, 2015

    California State University, Fullerton


Do campaign contributions facilitate access to government information? Evidence from a FOIA compliance field experiment with US municipalities

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Interest Groups, Policy Responses to Global Shocks, and the Relative Likelihood of Currency Crashes Versus Banking Crises

Shocks to global interest rates or risk cause capital outflows for countries outside the core of the global financial system. These …

Working Papers


Are Student Debtors a Subconstituency? The Effect of Student Loans on Issue Voting

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Transparency or Deception? How Rejecting PAC Contributions Affects Contribution Patterns

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