Are Student Debtors a Subconstituency? The Effect of Student Loans on Issue Voting

Are student loan debt holders issue voters? Presidential candidates are increasing their campaign efforts on policies of student loan forgiveness, thereby assuming that such proposals are targeting a valuable voting bloc that can improve their electoral prospects.

Paying-to-Play: How Members of Congress Purchase Their Seat At the Table

Scholars of money in politics have traditionally focused their attention on how outside groups use money to influence elected officials’ behavior. As a result, very little attention is given to investigate how elected officials themselves use money to advance their careers.

Transparency or Deception? How Rejecting PAC Contributions Affects Contribution Patterns

A growing trend among Congressional and presidential candidates is to reject campaign contributions from corporate Political Action Committees (PACs). Although positioned as an effort to increase democratic transparency, researchers have yet to examine how these pledges affect contribution patterns.