A Basic Intro to Working with Data in R

Bootcamp overview

This bootcamp is designed to introduce you to the very basics of how to work with data, what to look when working with data, and how software, like R, is used to manipulate data. The goal is to introduce you to some of the things you will learn more about in your course sequence in quantitative methods.

What you will learn

  1. What clean data is and why it’s important.
  2. Basic functionality of the R language and writing text with Markdown.
  3. How to use R to import data and preform basic cleaning operations.
  4. How to use R to create basic data visualization.

Bootcamp lessions

  • Working with Data in R Slides

    Introduction Hello! 5th year grad student in Political Science MA in economics from CSULB My research focuses on how money influences politics I love data science!

  • Up and Running with R and Markdown

    This is a heading This is a smaller header This is an even smaller header … you get it This makes a bullet point What about a numbered list?

  • Basic Data Cleaning with R

    Overview Now we’re going to learn how to prepare our data for analysis and how to visualize it! Importing the Data Start by importing the data set. Don’t forget to put the file name in "

  • Basic Data Visualization R

    Import the Data mpg.data <- read.csv("mpg.csv") Basic Plots R offers several packages that make it relatively easy to create advanced plots. Anything from basic line graphs to maps.